THIS is the Secret to Cheaper Batteries!

Helen heads to Sheffield to inquire into the use of sodium found in common salt, as a possible route to clean, safe and cheaper batteries.

As we see more and more electric vehicles on the road and a growing demand for home energy storage, car companies and cell manufacturers are having to think carefully about the availability, cost and supply chain for the core ingredients that make up the battery.

Lithium is one such ingredient that has dramatically increased in price in response to EV and stationary storage demand and according to Bloomberg, between 2021 and 2022 the cost of Lithium grew a staggering 280%. Luckily there are some pioneering companies exploring game changing alternatives to help diversify the end-to-end battery supply chain whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

Sheffield based Faradion is one such company who are investigating the viability of sodium, the metal found in common salt. As an abundant, cheap and easily recycled material – could it be a suitable replacement for Lithium?! Helen investigates!


0:00 Introduction
1:30 Why pick sodium?
2:10 How does it compare to lithium?
3:39 Back to basics and a little bit of science!
5:30 Safer?!
6:00 Salt for home energy storage!
7:00 What about cars?!
8:00 What about Sustainability?
9:00 Cheaper than Lithium?!
10:30 It’s All About Scale!
11:00 Out of the Lab!
11:40 Concluding thoughts!

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