Big Batteries. BIG Storage. THIS is How We Get 100% Renewable Energy!

Big batteries are perhaps the key to making a completely renewably powered grid possible. Luckily there are already some massive ones paving the way. This week Imogen visited Europe’s largest battery energy storage system, Pillswood in Hull to find out how Harmony Energy is getting as much clean energy from Dogger Bank, the world’s biggest wind farm, onshore and into our homes.

But these are no ordinary batteries, at 200 MWh these Tesla Megapacks are decked out with Artificial Intelligence, these are working to make the grid both renewable and flexible.


0:00 Massive Megapacks
0:36 Intermittency of Renewable Energy
1:28 Largest Storage in Europe
1:53 Charging and Discharging
3:19 How do you build it?!
4:33 Artificial Intelligence
5:26 Managing the Grid
6:12 100% Clean Energy System
6:52 The Future of Energy?!

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