Tesla Powerwall 2 Update

Find out how Robert has been getting on with his Tesla Powerwall 2 and the new Tesla Backup Gateway 2.

This episode of the Fully Charged Show is a follow-up to our hugely popular episode about the Tesla Powerwall 2 domestic storage battery that Robert Llewellyn had installed in his house.

The most common questions in the comment section for that video were: “What happens in a power cut/power outage?” & “Can you run your house off a battery?”

With the help of Mark Kerr, Head Electrician of the installers Joju Solar, and the new ‘Tesla Backup Gateway 2,ʼ Robert gets to test this exact situation on his original (white) Tesla home battery, the Tesla Powerwall 2. And also the shiny new addition that heʼs been given for free through the Tesla referral code scheme, the (Signature Red) Tesla Founders Series Powerwall 2.

Donʼt worry: As Robert makes clear, none of the Patreon donations have gone to paying for any of this new kit!

Robert speaks to Dr Chris Jardine of Joju Solar to learn (cut ‘a bit) more about how it works. The benefits of this home battery backup, grid storage technology and how it can really reap benefits especially if you have renewable energy. Even homes without solar PV can save money via off-peak electricity tariffs whilst also helping to reduce the reliance on the “dirtiest, most expensive” electricity. This generally has to be generated during peak times in the day. Peak shaving using a battery, basically!

For more information about Joju Solar please visit: www.jojusolar.co.uk/tesla-powerwall/

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