There’s soooo much going on in the global energy transition, it’s nearly impossible to know where to start, but start we must. So we’ve brought together a tantalising smorgasbord of tasty episodes, podcasts, blogs and news to sustain the hungriest of minds. We will do our best to keep your finger firmly on the pulse of clean energy & transport. Hold on!

Fun fact: our @jackscarlett1 isn’t just handy on four wheels. Drop a like if you’d like to see us cover more micro-mobility in the future! ...

An electric speedboat that FLIES to save energy and cures seasickness? Yep. See for yourself by searching for “Fully Charged” on YouTube. ...

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Join us at #FullyChargedLIVEUS at the San Diego Convention Centre THIS WEEKEND 🇺🇸⚡️

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T-14 hours until the beast that is #FullyChargedLIVEUS in San Diego begins ⚡️

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Meet Electrica Meccanica!

The company that build original, interesting and purpose-built vehicles.

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Meet the coolest van EVER 😎

Canoo’s space-age electric van is FINALLY here!!

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For all things EV & Home Energy related join us on the 10th & 11th of September for what is set to be an ELECTRIC weekend with TEST RIDES & DRIVES, FAMILY FUN, our HOME ENERGY ADVICE TEAM and 30+ LIVE SESSIONS ⚡️

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VW iD.Buzz 😲😲😲

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@polestarcars batteries to Power @candelaboats Flying Boat! The two companies have just announced a battery technology cooperation - the first of its kind between EV and marine worlds. Fortunately for Fully Charged - we've visited them both!

Full Candela episode coming soon!

This week, Jack-Claude Van Damme has been testing the new @kiauk Niro EV. As the successor to the UK’s second best-selling EV, it’s a car with big old shoes to fill. But does it? Is the Niro still the champion of big range, value-for-money electric family cars? Keep an eye on the Fully Charged Show main channel in the coming weeks to find out 👀 ...

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Radical UK designed sports SUVs lead EV push for @mahindra_auto

Five striking new Indian EVs will sit on new platform using Volkswagen components; could come to the UK.

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In case you wondered what went on behind the camera…

Now you know 🎥

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