This Box Of Tesla Batteries Will Slash Your Energy Bills In Half!

Energy storage is the quickest way to balance the grid, make it greener and make some money along the way.

However, to date, this has only been possible for homes with home batteries, or for massive grid storage leaving a gap for solutions for factories, construction and commercial businesses such as pubs and shops. Allye spotted this opportunity and has developed Max a 300KWh battery made of four repurposed Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle batteries.

What’s more, is that it’s available via a monthly subscription meaning businesses don’t have to fork out a load of cash to start saving up to 50% on their energy bills. What’s not to love?!

Imogen and the Everything Electric Team went to find out!


0:00 Intro
1:23 How Allye are saving us £££
2:00 Who is the consumer?
2:40 Let’s have a look inside
3:26 What is it made of?
4:59 Designed for all eventualities
5:56 Shall we see what Max can do?
6:45 Tracking Max’s stats
7:06 Connection to the cloud
7:33 Rental
8:29 Energy communities
9:05 Allye’s market plan

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