The BIG Battery Breakdown: Fires, Failures and Future Breakthroughs!

Buckle up, we’re going in! In this episode, renowned electrochemist Dr Euan McTurk joins Imogen to take us through a buffet of battery delights; from the next big breakthroughs, to what’s really going on with electric vehicle fires, to 1000 mile ranges, solid state, NMC, LFP, Sodium Ion and everything in between!

This is your bumper guide to where we are on this battery bonanza and where we’re headed next. Enjoy!


0:00 The very first battery
0:57 How does a battery work?
1:48 NMC vs LFP
2:17 Battery fires
5:50 Sodium Ion
8:14 Solid State
10:42 Silicon Anodes
13:58 Smaller and lighter
14:57 Sulfur
17:12 LMFP
18:56 The Perfect Pic N Mix Battery
20:23 1000 Miles?
22:52 What’s next!

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