THIS Recyclable Tech Solves Batteries' Biggest Problem!

Utter the words “battery”, and expect to get a question about raw materials or battery life time. And perhaps rightly so! Making cells better for the planet, more energy dense, recyclable or longer lasting is garnering increasing attention. However, Vaulta felt that the pack warranted a little more attention and have pioneered a way to make it super easy to take apart, fix, upgrade and recycle at the end of its life.

The team at Vaulta are rolling out their approach from home energy storage all the way up to massive grid scale projects. Robert met the team to find out more!

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0:00 Introduction
0:56 Bigger than a Powerwall!
3:00 Grid Scale Storage
3:31 A Different Approach..
6:25 Pic ‘N’ Mix of Chemistry
7:18 Longer Life Times
10:16 Managing Renewable Energy

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