Inside The World's Biggest (And Most Secret) Battery Factory!

Batteries are everywhere – from electric vehicles to stationary storage to the device you’re watching this episode on! And many of them come from the biggest battery company in the world, CATL – possibly the biggest and most important company, you’ve never heard of.

In this episode, Elliot gets a world exclusive tour around one of the CATL gigafactories in China to find out how these innumerate batteries are made.

We promise you, it will blow your mind! @EverythingElectricShow @fullychargedshow


0:00 Z Factory – How to make a battery
1:23 In 10 million vehicles worldwide
2:22 Cathode room
3:03 Half a width of a human hair!
3:37 18,000 researchers
4:03 Rolling 2.2 million cells
5:49 Super cheap and super energy dense
6:31 The Baking Room
7:21 Electrolyte
7:54 Stationary storage
8:41 Charging and discharging
9:02 Cell testing
9:30 Battery swapping
10:25 The final stage!

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