VW I.D 4 First Drive with special guest from America

Robert is pretty excited to take the VW I.D 4 out for a drive, will he be impressed?

Full disclosure up front – Robert has had a few VWs so it’s no surprise that he was looking forward to driving the I.D. 4. Yes, it might be large, and no it’s not cheap, but its beautifully built, easy, efficient, refined and has an impressive range. But how will it fare in a ‘Top Biden’ stat off with Ben Sullins’ Tesla Model Y over in the US? Watch to find out…


0:00 One man & a lake
1:11 I.D 4/Model Y
2:03 VW Fanboy
2:47 Beautifully built
3:28 Fallen in love
4:00 Top Biden (part 1)
4:30 Stat off!
6:09 Always big
6:29 Easy & efficient
7:00 Built as EV
7:40 Family car
7:51 Perfect panel gaps
8:35 In the back
9:29 Coming to America
9:49 Top Biden (part 2)
11:39 Interior
12:34 Super screen
13:07 Battery & range
14:06 Fast charging
14:56 Top Biden (part 3)
15:37 Winner!
16:13 Energy use
17:12 Charge action
19:01 Colour comments
20:14 Just brilliant

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