THIS Home Battery is the Key To Cheaper, Cleaner Energy!

Robert Llewellyn went up to MyEnergi HQ in Grimsby to find out about their new Libbi Home Battery, could this be the key to cheaper energy costs?

MyEnergi thinks that their newest product, Libbi may well be the answer. The Libbi Home Energy Battery offers up to 20 Kwh of storage and intelligently manages energy usage to maximise the amount of clean energy a household can use. When teamed with solar panels and MyEnergi’s existing products – the Eddi, Harvi and EV Charger Zappi, the lineup can form a perfect and clever ecosystem that paves the way to energy independence.

Beyond individual households, this exciting alternative to a Tesla Powerwall, is leading the charge towards creating the biggest virtual power plant that would enable even more households to get the benefit of a better balanced and cleaner grid.

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0:00 Where am I?
1:00 A clever ecosystem
2:00 Why make a battery?
3:12 Meet Libbi!
5:44 Making energy easier
7:44 One MASSIVE virtual power plant
9:30 Fish and Grimsby!
11:05 Let’s see it in action!
14:40 What’s next?
15:25 We like this “Green Stuff”

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