LITHIUM for EV BATTERIES – The art of mineral extraction with Cornish Lithium

Helen visits Cornish Lithium to find out how they are ethically extracting Lithium that could form the future of batteries.

As the demand for EV batteries increases, could Lithium be the vital element we need for our electric future? Last week we looked at the role of Cobalt in batteries and now Helen heads to Cornwall which is rich with Lithium to find out about why it’s so important and how it can be more ethically sourced.

While at the start of their journey, innovative company Cornish Lithium are working hard to extract the Lithium beneath the ground in a low impact, environmentally friendly way. With the potential for Lithium to become the batteries of the future, the ability to mine it without the heavy carbon footprint of traditional methods is simply ground-breaking.

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Thank you to The Faraday Institution for their contribution to this episode.


0:00 Lots of Lithium
1:34 Digging deep
2:35 What is Lithium?
3:38 Lithium & batteries
5:43 Ethical extraction
7:17 Pretty small!
8:00 Lithium enriched water
8:44 Local project
9:13 Extraction not mining
10:00 What’s in the water?
11:34 Lithium carbonate
12:58 Swanky technology
13:26 Past meets present
15:30 Can it be done?
16:02 Low impact way
16:40 Start of the journey
17:16 Subscribe, support, join

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