VOLTA ZERO – Could electric trucks take over our cities?

Robert takes a ride in a fully electric Volta Zero 16 tonne delivery truck and asks if these impressive trucks could be the solution to zero emissions cities?

To enable a future transition to electric it is vital that we look beyond electric cars and focus on electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

The Volta Zero electric truck is the world’s first purpose built, fully electric 16 tonne delivery truck designed for urban and last mile deliveries. It has been designed to be both safe and sustainable with a central driver seat that enables incredible visibility of other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. On the show we have seen smaller electric delivery vans, but the electrification of large, commercial delivery vehicles will be a significant contributor to creating zero emissions cities all over the world.

Volta will start building running prototypes in December this year and deliver customer specification vehicles by December 2022 and we are really excited to see how these will transform urban deliveries.


0:00 EVs of all shapes & sizes
2:00 Urban habitat
2:42 Range, charging, batteries
4:13 Refrigeration
5:21 Off we go
6:14 Middle seat
7:10 So smooth
8:16 16 tonne truck
8:50 Fresh set of eyes
9:32 Better visibility
10:25 Stepping out
11:38 When will we see them?
13:10 Bread & carrots (again)
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