Are Electric Lorries REALLY The Future?!

A few weeks ago we leapt at the chance to not only fulfil a childhood dream of driving big trucks on a massive test track, but to answer a serious question. Is it really possible for big HGVS, or heavy goods vehicles, to go electric?! Commercial vehicles like lorries and HGVs, travel roughly five times the annual mileage of passenger cars meaning the potential for improved air quality through electrification is HUGE.

However, the benefits extend beyond zero tailpipe emissions. The allure of low total cost of ownership is a major draw for commercial fleet operators who strive for maximum profitability and efficient operations. While electric vehicles are known for their efficiency, we wanted to delve deeper: Do electric lorries truly translate to lower operating costs? Are they truly capable of handling the demands of today’s trucking industry?

To answer those questions, we visited Millbrook to put those questions to our friends at Mercedes eTrucks.


0:00 Big trucks on the track!
1:34 Robert has a go…
3:24 Designing from the ground up
4:45 Range?
6:44 Max Power!
8:50 Lower total cost?!
9:28 Solar depots!
10:22 Charging?!
12:58 Mountain Driving!
14:18 A little landscaping…
14:51 The Verdict!

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