This Giant Electric Semi Can Swap Out Its Batteries!

Over a million miles, 620 KWh of batteries, a 540 KW Drive and 97 tonnes. This is the episode jam packed with big electric trucks and even bigger numbers!

Robert travelled to New South Wales, Australia to find out how Janus Trucks are giving diesel lorries an electric makeover with their pioneering swappable battery as a service system.


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0:00 16 litre diesel engine…
0:50 Quicker than refuelling!
1:41 Convert every truck
3:06 Double the capacity of a Tesla Semi
5:28 Range?
6:43 620KWh!
7:32 Cheaper than a diesel?
8:51 Swappable batteries
9:59 Circular economy
11:49 Regen
12:41 Maintenance
13:40 Battery as a Service
14:25 Robotic Charging
15:01 End of life batteries

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