Electric Vehicles Are Getting Bigger and Bigger!

Pick up any device and it will be jam packed with critical minerals from lithium, copper, aluminium, nickel, carbon and graphite to cobalt and manganese. However, as the core ingredients for electric vehicles, their mining is often cited as a principle argument against the adoption of EVs.

In response, the Fully Charged SHOW has argued that mining can be decarbonised, critical materials can be recycled and the impact of mining is less carbon intensive than the extraction of oil and gas and inherently more circular.

So we thought it was time to put this to the test and visited a Copper Mine in British Columbia to understand more about their decarbonisation efforts, most notably some GINORMOUS 230 Tonne Komatsu e-230 e-trolley electric trucks. Safe to say, these are the biggest and most impressive electric vehicles we’ve seen to date!!


0:00 Intro
1:51 Not conditions for electrification…
2:59 How big?!
3:26 Not something we’d usually cover..
4:18 How much better?
4:43 Efficiency gains
5:20 BC Hydro clean grid
6:07 Power supply
6:38 Portable power
7:19 Mining’s electrifying journey
8:27 Decarbonising mining
9:52 The importance of mining
10:42 It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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