Is This RUBBISH Electric Vehicle Britain's BEST EV?!

What do we do with all the existing Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles on the road?! How do local authorities and councils get their cities to net zero on time and within budget?! Lunaz may well have the solution! In the home of F1 in Silverstone, Lunaz Applied Technologies and Lunaz Design are busy converting both classic cars and old refuse trucks to electric, saving vast amounts of embedded carbon, money and maximising the usable lifespan of these vehicles.

However, when it comes to the bin lorries, Lunaz isn’t just doing a quick and dirty conversion with a bunch of batteries, it’s giving these old Mercedes Econic Euro 6s the ultimate electric makeover. From beautifully crafted seats, incredible consideration to user experience, to infotainment and performance these vehicles offer stats that make even a Tesla Model S plaid in ludicrous plus mode weep! Imogen paid the team a visit to find out more!

Since we filmed this episode it has since emerged that the business is restructuring owing to the challenging market created by ambiguity for Local Authorities surrounding 2030 ICE bans. The team are busy restructuring and evaluating their production timelines and we wish this team of enormously talented engineers committed to making the road to net zero that much more straightforward and affordable, the very very best of luck. @fullychargedshow @EverythingElectricShow


0:00 Tesla Beating Trucks
0:46 Converting vehicles and decommissioning engines
1:19 Upcycled Electric Vehicles
2:52 Out on the road
3:55 Bespoke Conversions
4:42 Interior Review
6:47 Imogen does the bins!
8:24 Converting at scale?
9:32 Conversion Process
10:33 A Million Miles!
11:09 What’s Next?!
11:59 Concluding thoughts

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