Step Inside These Breathtaking Sustainable Homes!

Breathtaking Upper House Brisbane, not just Brisbane’s tallest building, but is also a true sustainability icon.

From its beautifully sculpted timber structures to its integrated solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and extensive electric vehicle infrastructure courtesy of Origin Energy, the building boasts a huge array of energy efficient design and technologies.

Conceived by the visionary minds of Koichi Takada Architects and Aria Property Group, Upper House has earned prestigious accolades, including an 8-star NatHER rating and a 5-star Green Rating.

But its impact extends far beyond mere numbers. As part of this development, Aria played a pivotal role in revitalising Fish Lane, transforming once-abandoned car parks into a vibrant and thriving community.

Intrigued by this impressive project, Robert, couldn’t resist a closer look to find out more!


0:00 Introduction
0:44 Green Credentials
1:14 What Makes Upper House Sustainable?
2:42 More Green Tech!
3:25 How Aria Are Transforming Brisbane
4:13 Mandatory EV Chargers!!
5:02 How Do You Manage Charging 200 EVs?
7:47 Urban Jungle!

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