A Heat Pump for £500?!

The UK Government with its funded Boiler Upgrade Scheme is targeting 600,000 heat pump installations a year by 2028. And although 2023 saw a record increase of installations in the heat pump sector compared to 2022 there are still only just over 200,000 certified heat pumps installed across the UK!

In this episode Imogen and the team went to Octopus Energy’s R&D and Training Facility in Slough, to find out about the new Octopus Cosy 6 high temperature heat pump which they believe could be the solution for 80% of UK homes and could cost just £500!

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0:00 Introduction
0:58 What is the Octopus Cosy 6?
2:25 The Octopus Cosy Up Close
3:20 Low Temperature v High Temperature Heat Pumps
4:29 How Efficient are Heat Pumps at Heating a Space?
5:15 Are All Homes Suited to a Heat Pump?
6:08 How Octopus Aims to Speed up the Heat Pump Transition
7:27 Octopus’ Training Facility
7:49 Costs and Savings
8:24 Octopus’ R&D Facility
9:09 What if I Have a Combi Boiler System?
9:44 Integrating With Other Clean Technologies
10:33 Making Heat Pumps Accessible

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