Up to 80kWh of Home Battery Storage!

The market for battery energy storage systems is growing rapidly. In fact, according to MCS, battery storage installations rose by 707% in March 2024!

In this episode Imogen and the team went to visit Duracell Energy to find out more about their two new home energy batteries launched recently at our Everything Electric Show in London and to address some of the frequently asked questions around home battery storage, like where do I start, what do I need and what’s in it for me anyway?!


0:00 The Growth of Battery Energy Storage
0:27 What is a Battery Energy Storage System?
0:52 Puredrive and Duracell Energy
3:15 Why Should I Get a Battery Storage System?
4:34 Battery without Solar?
5:39 What Size Battery Storage System Do I Need to Run a House?
6:59 Will it Integrate with Other Products?
7:41 Where Can a Battery Storage System Be Installed?
8:20 Advice When Looking for an Installer
9:19 UK Homes are Going Green!

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