The End For Tesla’s Megapack?? Introducing CATL’s New ZERO Degradation Energy Storage System!

Imogen recently visited EES Europe in Munich to see the unveiling of CATL’s new zero degradation storage battery, and also the new Shenxing superfast DC charger which is set to have a huge impact on the growth and availability of rapid chargers for EVs.

The EES exhibition is Europe’s biggest Battery and Energy Storage show, and it’s a who’s who of major players in the industry.

As you’ll see we weren’t the only ones interested to see this new technology up close from global leaders CATL.


0:00 Intro
0:48 Introducing TENER & Shenxing
1:29 More Energy Less Space
3:11 EnerA & EnerOne+
4:12 1km range per second
5:30 Why this matters

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