Turning An Old Engine Block and Lava Into A Heat Battery!

How do we decarbonise industrial processes when a heat pump won’t do? Processes, like making chemicals, or paper, food processing, beer brewing, textiles – in fact most of the things around you; require temperatures that are much higher than those needed for a hot shower or warm radiator and so currently aren’t well suited to the realm of the trusty heat pump. Fortunately Caldera thinks they may have the solution with their modular heat battery made using old melted down engine blocks and volcanic rocks. Intrigued?!

We were too and wanted to meet the team behind this cool, or rather, very hot solution to find out more!


0:00 Introduction
1:12 Caldera Heat Cells – Renewable Energy on Tap
2:07 Beyond Heat Pumps
3:00 Modular Heat Batteries
3:43 Engine blocks and Volcanic Rocks!
4:28 Let’s have a go!
6:02 Recycled Aluminium
7:07 High Temp Heat Pumps?!
7:50 Home Energy too?!

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