Could THIS be the Solution to Affordable Housing In Expensive Cities?

The interest in tiny homes has gained momentum in recent years and they are even being considered as a possible way of addressing the ongoing affordable housing crisis.

Tiny houses are often more affordable than traditional homes both in terms of upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses. With the installation of renewable energy sources such as solar and battery storage this is offering significant savings through reduced energy bills and also allowing more people to live off-grid.

In this episode Robert went to visit a small family run business in New South Wales to find out more about these tiny homes and why they’re becoming so popular.


0:00 Introduction
0:32 Robert has a look around
1:32 The market for tiny homes
2:04 The trailer base
2:22 Planning permission
4:00 Tiny Homes in the UK
4:13 How far can you go off-grid?
4:43 The solar and battery storage
6:19 What about water?
6:45 Cost
7:19 How does the cost compare to an average 3 bedroom house?
7:38 The bathroom and toilet
8:25 Living a simpler life

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