The MUST-HAVE Low Cost Home Energy Tech of 2024!

In this episode we’re sharing all the trends we’re watching, home energy products we cannot wait to get our hands on, and the technology innovations that will be sure to catapult us along this unstoppable trajectory towards net zero.

Brace yourselves for a suite of super exciting, cheaper, smaller, more efficient and more accessible tech!

So the question is, will this year will be remembered as the one where clean energy and electric vehicles officially shed their early adopter reputation and firmly enter the mainstream?! @EverythingElectricShow @fullychargedshow


0:00 Going mainstream in 2024!
0:44 Tiny Solar Panels and Heat Pumps
1:39 Mixergy’s newest tank has a heatpump!
2:19 Hershel Halo heaters
2:45 Controlling your energy
3:23 Virtual Power Plants
4:03 V2G in 2024?!
4:37 Low Cost Passiv Houses
5:08 Recycled bricks and sugar building blocks
5:33 Supersized Heat Pumps
6:19 Heat networks and volcanic rocks
6:44 Negative pricing and energy storage
7:21 Gravity battery!
7:36 Perovskite PV
8:06 Second hand EVs and Sodium Ion Cells
8:31 Subsidies, policies and a load of elections
9:15 Just all round better for everyone

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