The Latest and Greatest Green Tech For Homes!

Wondering what’s coming next to the world of Clean Tech? A few weeks ago at Everything Electric LONDON, Imogen did a whistle stop tour of the latest and greatest green tech on display! We covered everything from Solar to Home Storage Batteries and from Wind Power to Heat Pumps!

We’re sharing the home energy products we cannot wait to get our hands on so brace yourselves for a suite of super exciting, cheaper, smaller, more efficient and more accessible tech! And if you don’t already, please subscribe to the channel as many of the products featured will have full episodes in the near future, so watch this space!


0:00 Introduction
0:30 Home Storage Batteries by Duracell Energy
0:52 Ground Source Heat Pump by Kensa
1:24 Air Source Heat Pump by Octopus Energy
1:47 Battery Ready e-Boiler by BOLT
2:07 Home Energy Advice Team
2:26 Hot Water Cylinder by Mixergy
2:54 Subscription Services by Sunsave
3:23 Home Energy Calculator by Warmur
3:45 Green Energy Ownership by Ripple Energy
4:15 Home Ecosystem by Myenergi

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