Will Deep Sea Mining Unearth The Future of Clean Energy?!

Five thousand metres beneath the ocean’s surface lie potatoe-shaped polymetallic nodules, containing millions of tonnes of critical minerals used in the technology powering the clean energy transition – including electric vehicles, motors, and batteries.

The economic opportunity is undeniably appealing. But with so little known about the vast, unexplored depths of our planet, a crucial question arises: should we leave this untouched wilderness alone or mine these untapped resources of highly valuable materials?

Helen traveled to London’s Natural History Museum to meet Dr. Adrian Glover and delve into this dilemma. @fullychargedshow @EverythingElectricShow


0:00 Welcome to the Natural History Museum
0:40 Materials for the Energy Transition
1:14 A nodule from the deep ocean
2:20 How deep is the ocean?
3:03 Polymetallic Nodules sitting on the seabed
4:25 How are they formed?
5:20 How old are they?
5:50 What’s down there?! Sea cucumbers?!
8:33 What’s the impact of deep sea mining?
13:23 The Clarion Clipperton Zone and regulating mineral extraction
14:17 Exploration vs Extraction
14:58 Do we need deep sea mining?
16:00 Should we mine the ocean?
18:45 The last remaining wilderness

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