The Gas Boiler – Does It Have a Future?

In today’s episode, Imogen addresses the future of the gas boiler including the timelines that are currently in place and what incentives are available to switch to a greener alternative.

We hear from Jan Rosenow on where the UK stands compared to other European countries in the use of fossil fuels for heating our homes and whether hydrogen has a role to play.

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Banning the gas boiler
0:56 Why is there a crackdown on gas boilers?
1:33 UK Timeline
2:16 Incentives
3:45 Where does the UK stand compared to other European countries and the US?
7:19 Can leaky and old houses cope?
8:11 Is there a place for Hydrogen in home heating?
8:55 Is banning gas inevitable?

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