Steps to Net Zero Homes

In September 2022, Dan met Karen and Brent Mooder who built a DREAM Net Zero Carbon Home complete with solar, a heat pump, hot tub and sauna!

Who says making your home net zero means you have to make compromises?!

The Mooders have taken full advantage of British Columbia’s innovative housing policies, including the Step Code to ensure their house could be as efficient as possible.

Special thanks to BC Hydro for introducing us to Karen and Brent!


0:00 Introduction
0:37 What is a Net Zero Home?
0:51 Energy Generation and Reduction
1:38 How did they do it?
3:36 Following the Step Code
5:03 300% efficient heat pumps
5:30 Giving solar to the grid!
6:13 Incentives?
6:55 Why did they do it?
7:47 Advice?
8:36 Concluding thoughts

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