Step Inside This All Electric Shipping Container Home!

Few individuals possess the ability and expertise to transform a metal shipping container into a cosy home. Using his experience from setting up his own upcycling company, Reestore, Max McMurdo turned an empty shipping container into THIS floating home in just 3 and a half months!

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For just £46,000 Max has created a dream home decked out with all sorts of efficient home energy, from infrared heating, solar panels, space saving techniques and battery storage.


0:00 Introduction
0:30 How did the Shipping Container idea come about?
1:09 How to be clever with minimal space
1:43 What clean technology has been installed?
2:12 Battery Storage
3:34 ID Buzz
4:34 Infrared Heating
5:53 What technology has been the most effective?
6:30 Living off-grid?
7:02 Creative space saving ideas!
7:34 The Bathroom
8:00 The Bedroom
8:19 What advice would you give to someone looking to do something similar?
8:47 Are you actually saving money?
9:33 Living on the water

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