Robert’s Battery, Solar & Charger Set-up

As we continue to showcase what’s possible with clean home technologies here on the Everything Electric Show channel, in this week’s episode we’re returning to a previously released episode where Robert takes us through his Tesla Powerwall set-up.

Guided by Dr Chris Jardine, from award winning industry experts Joju Solar, we find out how Robert’s Powerwall connects seamlessly with his solar and EV charger so that even in a power cut he can charge his car, cook dinner and catch up on all the latest episodes.


0:00 Intro
0:43 Robert’s 1 in 100
2:04 26.8kWh of storage
3:27 Tiered System Design
4:32 3-phase connected
5:47 Backup Gateway
8:30 Cheap Overnight Electricity
9:51 Peak Shaving Goals
11:13 Feed-In Tariffs
13:30 Domestic Battery Evolution
15:14 Outro

Find out more about Joju Solar.

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