REE AUTO European Exclusive – reinventing the wheel for the world's automakers

Robert speaks to Daniel Barel from innovative technology company REE Auto about their impressive next generation EV platform and what this could mean for the future of transport.

Imagine the Electric Vehicle possibilities if you had a completely flat and modular chassis with limitless design capabilities and the ability to swap out batteries. This is exactly what REE Auto in Israel have created with their next generation EV platform and Robert catches up with Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Barel to find out more.

This is truly ground-breaking and amazing technology which has the ability to completely change the future of transport and we can’t wait to see a REE powered EV soon. More about REE.


0:00 Introduction
0:48 Great EV Giveaway
2:20 EV a petrol car?
3:33 No ripple effect
4:43 Legacy not needed
5:30 Complete not compete
5:43 Fully prepped platform
6:13 Ramping up
6:36 Global network
8:59 Battery swapping
10:04 Spare screws
10:40 Fixing damage
11:32 One spare part
12:04 Second life
14:16 Mira testing track
14:43 Trip to Israel
16:13 That’s all folks

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