ARRIVAL Exclusive – Inside Britain's most 'valuable' business

In this new Arrival Exclusive Robert returns to the R & D centre in Banbury to find out how the electric bus and delivery van designs have developed since our visit last July.

When Arrival went public in March 2021, despite not yet having a vehicle on the road, they were recognised as Britain’s most ‘valuable’ company making founder Denis Sverdlov a billionaire after trading opened.

Since our visit to Arrival last July we have been desperate to return to their R & D centre in Banbury, Oxfordshire, to see how their electric van and bus designs have developed. Whilst still a prototype, the bus has come a long way. With a flexible, modular design aimed at pleasing both the rider and the driver. The delivery van has been moderated to meet universal demands but has kept its ability to carry huge amounts of cargo with incredible visibility.

What Arrival are doing is revolutionary. They are not just looking at the designs of the vehicles to ensure they are modular and scalable, iit’s the way they plan to make them using robots within micro-factories that set them apart. With Arrival moving at speed towards production we cannot wait to see what they do next.

* This was filmed prior to the public announcement about Arrival’s relationship with Uber to develop electric ride-hailing Arrival Car!


0:00 Bobby’s deliveries
2:37 Beautiful bus
3:28 Flat floor
5:07 Let in the light
5:56 Driver delight
7:00 Lab bus
7:43 Ground-up design
8:15 Modular design
9:31 Fully flexible
11:27 Sucker for robots
11:47 Micro factories
12:37 No conveyor belt
13:29 Shape shifting robots
15:05 Full vehicle build
16:00 Revamped van
16:57 Universal design
17:56 Amazing visibility
18:20 Charging infrastructure
18:52 Camper van conversion
19:44 Revolutionary
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