BYD – Factory Tour & Full Range of EVs

Elliot gets a behind the scenes tour of the impressive BYD factory and finds out why they are such an electric superpower in this new episode.

In this mind-blowing episode Elliot goes behind the scenes at the impressive BYD (Build Your Dreams) factory in Shenzhen to find out what makes them such an electric superpower.

What BYD have achieved in the last few years is simply staggering – from batteries and solar panels to a full suite of electric vehicles including cars, trucks, taxis and buses. As well as a tour of the factory, Elliot took the BYD Han and the Tang cars for a drive, checked out the D1 taxi and rode a couple of their electric buses.

With the factory currently producing 400 cars a day, we are pretty excited to see what BYD will do next!


0:00 Introduction
1:17 Electric superpower
1:57 Battery tests
3:36 Super stats
4:25 Assembly line
5:45 Electric motors in
7:00 BYD Han
8:07 Han first drive
10:20 Supremely comfortable
11:15 Wheel spinning
12:00 D1 ride hailing
14:29 Practical boot
14:58 Lunch on the go!
15:26 T5 design
17:01 Easy electric
17:39 BYD Tang
18:07 Coming to Norway
19:04 Spoilt by tech
20:10 Double decker
20:47 B10 bus
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