EAV – Can these electric assisted vehicles change urban deliveries?

Could these innovative electric assisted vehicles be the solution to the future of last mile deliveries?

It’s widely accepted that we need to find more efficient and sustainable ways of transporting people and goods from A to B and many companies are beginning to emerge with solutions.

One of which is EAV (Electric Assisted Vehicles) and their fit for purpose delivery vehicle designed to bridge the gap between e-cargo bikes and vans. As combustion vehicles are pushed out the of the cities, could this innovative and sustainable e-cargo bike be the future for last-mile deliveries? More about EAV.


0:00​ Introduction
0:38​ Bike? Van?
1:29​ Adam & EAV
1:54​ Bridging the gap
2:42​ Last final mile
3:07​ Made from flax
3:52​ Good looking
4:47​ Design details
5:23​ Battery options
6:02​ Sufficient speed
7:24​ Jump start
7:35​ Off we go
8:48​ Pro demo
9:42​ Made on site
10:48​ Built in suspension
11:26​ Knitted together
13:08​ Recyclable
13:56​ Bottom-up design
14:27​ Ocado EAV
16:02​ Positive reactions
17:20​ Future of transport
18:17​ Conclusions

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