Is THIS the Solution to Tackling Fuel Poverty?

In the UK we are currently facing a significant housing crisis in addition to an increasing number of people living in fuel poverty.

In this episode Imogen and the team went to Halton in Lancaster to talk to the Lune Valley Community Land Trust.

Having identified the lack of housing and the poor standard of the housing available in Halton, the Lune Walk Community Led Development came about. The development is made up of 13 affordable rented and 7 shared ownership homes. Each home is Passivhaus accredited and generally needs 90% less energy for heating and hot water than standard UK buildings meaning that running costs are very low helping to reduce fuel poverty for residents.

To find out more about the project


0:00 Intro
0:12 The housing crisis
0:59 Lack of housing and fuel poverty
1:34 What is fuel poverty?
2:15 How the Lune Valley Community Land Trust came about
3:59 What is a Community Land Trust?
5:25 The role of South Lakes Housing
5:53 Why Passive Houses?
7:10 Eliminating fuel poverty
7:53 Construction of the houses
8:58 Regulatory changes and the future
9:59 Why passive houses just make sense

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