THIS Is The Secret To Green, Clean Passive Income!

With the right bits of technology, it’s not only possible to make your energy cleaner and greener, but it’s also possible to save money and even earn money! We met GivEnergy to tell us how.

In this episode, we take you through where to start, what kind of budget you need, how to take advantage of giving energy back to the grid and variable electricity rates, how to apply the same approach to commercial buildings and what to expect from Virtual Power Plants. In this whistle stop tour, we found out you can save a staggering £5 a day AND get paid an additional £24 a day without the need for a sunny day!

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0:00 Introduction
0:47 GivEnergy – building your home energy empire
1:29 Where do you begin?
2:20 Who do you need to speak to?
3:07 How do you know what you need?
4:22 Do you need it all?! 0% VAT on batteries!
4:59 What budget do you need?
5:38 Bringing it all together
6:40 Save £4 – £5 a day!!
7:44 Make £24 a day! Getting paid by your energy company
9:14 Not just for homes! Battery powered offices
10:40 What’s the benefit?
11:38 Batteries go big in Australia
12:35 Virtual Power Plants
13:26 What is a Virtual Power Plant?
14:38 One more thing!

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