Episode 5: Robert's Electric Van Round-up + Renault Zoe Van

Andy tries out the Renault Zoe van and catches up with Robert in the last episode of our electric van series.

In this final episode of our electric van series we’re going small, not big, as we look at the small but mighty Renault Zoe van. Essentially it’s a converted Renault Zoe but it’s perfect for lighter loads and has a pretty punchy range with rapid charging options.

Andy also catches up with Robert for a recap of all the vans we have covered in the series and why it makes sense for businesses to go electric. With so many electric vans coming to market in 2021, make sure you tell us in the comments below what you would like us to cover next!


0:00  Going small
0:16  Renault Zoe van
1:01  Business at the front
1:27  Zoe charging
1:43  Small size, big range
2:01  Charging lesson
2:14  Wall chargers
3:01  Vehicle-to-grid
3:52  Short journeys
4:12  Rapid charging
4:34  Have a break
5:15  In the back
5:46  Light loads
6:29  Electric van love
7:42  On the road
8:07  Make money
9:54  Off-peak tariffs
11:18  Vauxhall Vivaro-e
12:21  Mercedes e-Vito
13:01 Maxus e-Deliver
13:36  Renault Kangoo
14:13  Vans we missed
14:58  Smaller vans
15:33  Load capacity
15:50  VW Buzz Cargo
16:50  Bobby’s bladder
17:18  Delivery vans
18:19  Big year for vans
18:48  Susbcribe, support, join

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