Episode 3: Familiar Faces & New Entrants + Mercedes-Benz Evito & Arrival Electric Van

In this episode Andy tests out the Mercedes-Benz Evito electric van and looks to the future of electric vans when he visits the ARRIVAL workshop. He also investigates what’s on the horizon for electric vans, both in the short and medium term, but also what advancements we might see in the future.

Andy talks to van expert, Paul Kirby, to find out more about the influx of electric vans we can expect to see come to market over the next year including the impressive Mercedes eVito. The eVito is smooth to drive and delivers the luxury you would expect from Mercedes and, while the price reflects this, there are many grants available to make this more affordable.

He also sneaks a visit to the ARRIVAL workshop to speak with a special guest (spoiler – it’s Robert) about the innovative design of ARRIVAL’s delivery vans and how viable commercial electric vans could be if you add in vehicle-to-grid charging and solar energy.

What feels certain is that the next generation of vans must, and will, be electric.


0:00  Future of electric vans
1:06  Paul’s predictions
1:18  Vauxhall, Peugeot, Toyota
1:41  Renault Zoe van
1:50  Maxus e Deliver 3 & 9
2:08  Loads of vans coming
2:21  Arrival workshop
2:41  Ground-up design
4:23  Rivian’s vans for Amazon
4:46  Mercedes eVito
5:31  eVito – 2 lengths
6:28  Range stats
7:07  V2G benefits for vans
8:36  Solar savings
9:21  Quick to fix
10:26  Arrival’s latest design
10:44  Smooth drive
11:37  Let’s talk money
11:55  Grants & incentives
12:48  Charging
13:52  Standard vs Progressive
15:25  Not as much poke!
16:58  Some downsides
17:19  Campervan dreaming
17:51  Subscribe, support, join

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