Episode 2: Brecon Beacons NPA & Renault Kangoo

In episode 2 of our new electric van series Andy finds out how a Renault Kangoo is helping the team at the Brecon Beacons National Park.

In this second instalment of our Introduction to Electric Vans series, Andy heads to the Brecon Beacons to find out how electric vans are being used by real people to carry out their day to day jobs.

This Renault Kangoo ZE33 was added to the Brecon Beacons National Park vehicle fleet last year and is used both for educational outreach activities and ground maintenance of the 40 acre site. The Kangoo might be a small, simple, no-frills and functional electric van but it also offers flexibility for seating or extra storage options in the back. It’s a perfect solution for small businesses, trades people and last mile deliveries and, with components from the popular Renault Zoe, seems to be a good safe option for going electric.

More information about the Renault Kangoo – KANGOO – A Van Adapted to Your Needs – Renault UK

Renault Range Calculator – KANGOO Z.E. 33 – Driving Range & Charging – Renault UK

Episode 1 featured the Maxus E Deliver 3. Future episodes in January, include Vauxhall’s Vivaro E, Mercedes Benz E-Vito and a return to see ARRIVAL’s commercial vehicle.


0:00  Electric vans for real people
0:57  Renault Kangoo ZE33
1:38  Multi-purpose van
2:03  Check the specs
2:30  Zoe stamp of approval
2:55  Range information
4:09  Heat up your seats
4:42  Eco driving
5:16  Renault’s range calculator
6:51  Smooth drive
7:10  What weight can they take?
7:39  Two-seater, five-seater, two-seater
8:15  Walk around
8:59  Charging
9:26  Right range for right purpose
10:12   No rapid charging
11:17  Vehicle-to-Grid
12:33  Power handbrake
12:57  Fully functional
13:55   Costs & savings
16:33  Simple but safe bet
16:54  Coming up next
17:15  Subscribe, sponsor, join

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