Episode 4: Solarsense or Vauxhall Vivaro-E

Andy heads to Solarsense to find out how they are using solar to power their electric vans and also reviews the Vauxhall Vivaro-E.

In this episode Andy finds out how Solarsense have been using electric vans powered by solar to save on business costs and takes the new Vauxhall Vivaro-e out for a drive.

The Vivaro-e will be available in 14 different models, including cargo vans and people carriers, demonstrating Vauxhall’s commitment to the electric van market. As more and more electric vans come to market, suitable for all kinds of businesses, the transition to electric is sure to accelerate.

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0:00  Introduction
1:16  Makes Solarsense
1:38  Glastonbury
1:52  Solar slates
2:28  Kangoo deliveries
3:33  Vivaro-e
3:47  14 models!
4:51  Back of the van
5:06  Foot swing
5:21  Ticket to tow
5:51  Vital stats
6:46  Solar powered
7:45  Driving modes
9:13  Batteries vs Range
9:57  Rapid charging
10:35  28 hours later
11:35  Heads up wizardry
12:58  Money talks
13:33  Big investors
13:55  Front runner
14:07  Coming up
14:32  Subscribe, support, join

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