Small, Electric, Traffic Beating Vehicles For Every Occasion!

When unconstrained by an engine, mobility can get a lot more flexible, opening up the opportunity to make a huge array of various things that get people from A-B. That’s certainly what Vancouver based ENVO believes and are exploring a whole host of different electric mobility options, from bikes, trikes, snow bikes, ATVS, water based things, you name it!

But surely it doesn’t make sense to make such niche electric mobility products?!

We went to visit the team in Canada to find out more and to see just how much you can do with a simple battery and small electric motor.


0:00 Intro
1:10 What does ENVO do?
1:32 “You ask, we deliver”
2:18 Conversion kit
3:11 Flex overland foldable bike
4:20 Design
5:11 All terrain vehicle
5:51 Filling the gap in the market

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