Better Than Net Zero?

During 2021 Robert visited Springfield Meadows, just outside Oxford (UK), a new housing development where the houses are not only carbon neutral, they are actually carbon negative.

These eco-homes incorporate all the latest technology for energy generation including solar panels that are integrated within the roof which not only look better than retro-fitting but are also more cost effective.

What’s interesting here is the broader view of sustainable living with residents having access to electric cars, leased from GRIDSERVE, that can be booked on an hourly or daily basis hopefully negating the need for excessive car ownership.

Ssassy developments are planning to build 500 of these climate positive houses over the next 5 years at different locations with the aim of proving that living in a low carbon house can actually improve your quality of living.

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0:00 Intro
0:34 The ethos of the build
1:59 Zero Embodied Carbon
3:02 Insulation
4:00 Variety of Homes
4:38 One Planet Living
5:40 Building in the tech
7:20 Hot Water systems
8:11 EV car club
9:55 Annual savings
10:25 Price comparisons
11:20 Sewage obsession
11:45 Climate positive plans
12:43 What’s next
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