Batteries, Buses & A Brilliant Business Model

In this week’s episode Robert is joined in the studio by Steven Meersman, Co-Founder & Director at Zenobē.

Last year Dan spoke with Steven about how they use battery storage to drive the uptake of renewables & power electric vehicle fleets. This time we find out more about their portable 2nd-life battery power solution, the Powerskid, as well as how they continue to revolutionise the public transport sector.

Transitioning public transport to electric can make significant inroads towards hitting net-zero targets, but for operators the operational, technical and financial risks can be a major hurdle. That’s where Zenobe’s ETaaS, or Electric Transport as a Service, business model can really have an impact. Steven takes Robert through how ETaaS works, what they have been doing with National Express here in the UK and why Zenobē believe this type of offering can really make a significant difference.

Find out more about Zenobē.


0:00 Intro
01:16 Battery & Electric Transport Specialists
02:40 Circular Ecosystem
03:43 ETaaS
04:42 Software is Key
05:31 Energy Optimisation
06:08 2nd Life Batteries
07:18 Endless Possibilities
09:17 What’s next?

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