Base Load, Billionaires and Clean Energy from SPACE?!

Wireless, extra terrestrial, constant renewable energy. Sounds both too good to be true and totally made up?! We thought so too! Only it turns out that, not only is it real, it’s also technically and economically feasible. In fact, we could see space based solar power – in which solar panels in space capture solar energy before beaming it back to Earth; could enter the grid and meet our base load energy requirements in the very near future.

But what exactly is it and how does it work? Will it really form part of our Net Zero energy mix? And what’s Elon Musk and microwaves got to do with it?!

In this episode we venture into outer space to find out! A big thanks to the @EuropeanSpaceAgency for their support when researching this episode!


0:00 Wireless Renewable Energy?!
1:10 What is Space Based Solar Power?!
1:40 All about that base load!
3:04 How does it work?
3:38 Microwaves!!
5:06 Collecting microwaves on Earth
5:38 How Big?!
6:16 Will it cook the Earth?!
7:00 Challenges
7:38 Here come the billionaires
8:20 We’re doing this already?!
8:46 An ethical debate?
10:15 What next?

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