An 18th Century Home Meets 21st Century Technologies

In this week’s episode our Home Energy presenter Emilie visits a property to see what one homeowner has done to bring his 18th century Mine Captain’s House, with slate roof and solid stone walls, into the 21st century using a selection of clean energy technologies.

Living on the edge of a Cornish moor can be an idyllic way of life, but at times it can also be a battle with the elements!

And for the first time on the channel, we are also introduced to a Cornish Rocker!


0:00 Intro
0:42 How it all started
1:59 Eddi in the cupboard
3:28 Motivation to install
4:07 Tesla Powerwall 2 & Gateway
5:00 Solid Stone Walls
5:55 Did you bring your wellies?
6:50 Solar Arrays
9:05 The Cornish Rocker
11:20 Double the electricity
11:51 Advice for others
12:58 What’s Next?

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