The Hard Truth About Nuclear Power

Since its inception, Nuclear Power has split opinion and so we thought it was time to explore why, and ask if Nuclear has a place in a net zero future.

Whilst renewable power such as wind and solar will always come up on top, their intermittency might leave space for this zero carbon often controversial power source, to make up at least a fraction of the grid.

Rising energy prices, managing nuclear waste and a plight for energy security and it looks like we may well have to ask ourselves some serious questions about Nuclear. Join Dr Helen Czerski as she finds out more.


0:00 Introduction
0:50 A brief history
3:15 When renewables won’t do
5:20 What is radioactivity?
6:15 What about nuclear waste?
8:56 Who pays for nuclear waste?
11:25 Do we even need it?!
12:20 How much do we need?
15:10 Trade offs to get to net zero
16:25 Double the Electricity!
17:03 Join the discussion

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