Is Nuclear Fusion the answer to LIMITLESS Clean Energy?!

Helen visited Tokamak energy to see how close they’re getting to making Nuclear Fusion commercially viable and into the grid.

Nuclear fusion is the most naturally occurring method of creating energy which if cracked, promises cheap, clean and abundant energy. Unfortunately for scientists, it also happens to occur in the Sun…

Achieving these extreme and brutal conditions of the sun in a lab on earth is immensely difficult and has presented countless scientific and engineering challenges in the decades long plight for making fusion a reality.

No wonder the joke has been that Fusion is always 30 years away. However, now armed with huge injections of private investment it seems that fusion might be shaking its elusive reputation.

Brace yourself for some mega magnets, mind boggling numbers and a touch of Czerski scepticism as Fully Charged explore this mysterious lab nestled in the heart of Oxfordshire.


0:00 Introduction
1:41 How did scientists discover Nuclear Fusion?
2:47 What’s a Tokamak?
3:16 What’s going on inside a reactor?
5:08 Fusion explained…with grapes!
7:17 15 million degrees!
10:14 MASSIVE Magnets
13:35 Will it happen?
15:04 Conclusion

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