Vehicle to Everything?! Can Electric Cars SAVE the Grid?

Join Imogen and Robert as they explore what is V2G? How will it actually help? Is anyone doing it already and when can we expect Vehicle to Everything?!!

V2G (vehicle to grid) could be the answer to how electric vehicles will help the grid, reduce our bills and make the grid cleaner. 1 million EVs with V2G could be the equivalent of 5,500 wind turbines! Sounds too good to be true? Well we thought it was time to find out!


0:00 Introduction
1:06 How does V2G help the grid?!
3:12 What can we do right now?!
4:14 Who’s who – V2L/V2H/V2G/V2X!
6:19 Time to speak to an expert
8:34 Vehicle to Home better than Vehicle to Grid?!
9:38 Challenges ahead?
10:40 Public vs Private?
11:43 A small caveat
13:00 What needs to happen next?
13:56 Vehicle to Everything for Everyone?
14:25 Concluding thoughts

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