Thanks! A Million Subscribers! Here's our special celebratory episode...

It’s been an ‘electrifying’ journey & we couldn’t have done it without you!

Sadly, we cannot thank each and every person that’s been involved in the success of the Fully Charged SHOW, but rest assured we are *extremely* grateful to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone! And whether it’s on YouTube, here online at FullyCharged.SHOW or in real life at our FullyCharged.LIVE exhibitions around the world, your support means everything to us.

There is one notable exception though – without our founder’s foresight, financial investment and fun-filled take on energy and transport the Fully Charged phenomenon simply wouldn’t exist. So from all of the Fully Charged team – and I am sure we speak for our viewers too – thanks a million Robert / Bobby – without your contribution, EVs and cleaner technologies wouldn’t be where they are today.

Now, here’s to the next million subscribers!

Come see us IRL….
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NEW! In 2024, there will be an additional LONDON exhibition.

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Credit for this special episode to the ever-excellent James Hankins.

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