Tesla Backtrack BIG Style and Other (Almost) Breaking News!

It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on at Tesla at present – is Model 2 tabled in favour of the Robotaxi or will we really see both?! We can’t promise the latestTesla gossip in this episode, but what it lacks in up to date live reporting, it makes up for in Robert ranting!

In this month’s Almost Breaking News Robert takes us through some of the stories that have caught his eye recently. From super-efficient solar PV technology to Tesla autonomous taxis, and a new car from China that has a reported 1000 km range!! @fullychargedshow @EverythingElectricShow


0:00 Intro
1:16 Supermarkets Charge more!
3.39 Energy blockage
6:10 Super Efficient Solar
7:45 Tesla Autonomous Taxis
10:14 It’s the end for oil
13:23 Volta Trucks are BACK!
14:27 Battery News
16:10 EVs by the sh** load
17:14 Is 1000km range enough?
20:04 Hyundai US sales skyrocket!

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