Can VW & Rivian Save Each Other?! July's Almost Breaking News!

Join Robert for July’s Almost Breaking News! This episode highlights the Rivian and VW joint venture, how investment in clean energy is on the up, how concrete could turn your home into a giant battery, China’s EU tariffs dilemma and much more.

Get ready for a whirlwind tour of all the essential news from the world of EVs and clean energy from the past month, with Robert resisting expletives at every turn! Watch now!

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0:00 It’s Almost Breaking News!
1:46 Rivian and VW’s Joint Venture
2:31 Battery Powered Flight!
4:56 Investment in Clean Energy
6:21 Electricity Storing Concrete
8:30 Long Range EVs now cost less!
10:41 Fuel Cell Trucks!
13:48 Storage Systems from Electric Car Batteries to Continue!
17:02 China EV Dilemma!
21:48 Wind and Solar Power Cheaper then Coal and Gas!

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